Dinning and Pure Africa versus Attorney Jason Roper et al.

In the Dinning and Pure Africa versus Suspended Attorney Jason Roper et al, the following information is indicated to support the plaintiffs’ claims including the RICO predicate acts:
Attorney Jason C. Roper of Virginia and Pennsylvania, currently with the law firm of Blumling & Gusky of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and allegedly terminated from his employment at McKenry, Dancigers Dawson & Lake, PC in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was recently suspended from the practice of law in Virginia (and likely in Pennsylvania by reciprocity) as a result of three bar complaints.  One of the three bar complaints to the Virginia State Bar for Jason C. Roper’s “misconduct” was to address his “misconduct” toward Mr. Dinning in the Danny and Debra Murrill case (currently noticed for appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court).  Danny and Debra Murrill and Jason C. Roper are also Defendants in the Dinning and Pure Africa RICO case.
Based upon those three bar complaints for misconduct, Jason C. Roper (the Murrill’s legal counsel) was suspended for three years for misconduct including “candor toward the tribunal” and failure to state “meritorious claims and contentions.”
For a summary of Jason C. Roper’s disciplinary action, visit http://www.vsb.org for the following:
“February 28, 2012
Jason Christopher Roper, 702 Lakeview Court, Mars, PA 16046
VSB Docket Nos. 09-021-080040, 10-021-080199, 10-021-080602
On February 17, 2012, the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board suspended Jason Christopher Roper’s license to practice law for three years for violating rules governing candor toward the tribunal; fairness to opposing party or counsel; respect for rights of third persons; confidentiality of information; conflict of interest: general rule; conflict of interest: former client; declining or terminating representation; meritorious claims and contentions; communication with persons represented by counsel; bar admission and disciplinary matters; and misconduct.”
Finally, the Virginia State Bar (an agency of the Virginia Supreme Court) notes that: “*On February 28, 2012, the Supreme Court of Virginia denied a stay of the suspension pending the appeal.”  Translated, that means the suspension of Jason C. Roper was upheld by the Virginia Supreme Court and was not delayed by any attempts to appeal the misconduct and disciplinary action against Jason C. Roper.
The plot thickens on this one.  According to the Complaint, attorneys Jason C. Roper and George Bowles are also the legal counsel of some of the various Defendants.  Furthermore, the Complaint alleges that the two attorneys actively interfered with the contractual rights and business interests of Dinning and Pure Africa.
Allegedly the two attorneys practiced together in the past and are friends and that through this relationship, the two attorneys shared private and/or confidential and/or  sealed information between cases including information allegedly under a court protective order or protected under HIPPA or state or federal laws.
One begins to wonder how much money these two attorneys have made from the coordinated representation of the Defendants (or perhaps “misrepresentation” based upon the disciplinary action against Jason C. Roper for “candor toward the tribunal (the court)” and “meritorious claims and contentions”) against Dinning and others.

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